Welcome to the South East MN Beekeepers Association


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Features - General Interest

Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 February 2012 17:28 Written by Administrator Monday, 19 September 2011 22:59

Welcome to the Southeast Minnesota Beekeepers Association web site.

We are just a good group of honey bee enthusiast sharing information.  We have a wonderful mix of experience from the youngest "newbees" to the old gray hairs.  All, to the man, woman and child, learning a little bit more about our "ladies" each time we meet.  Click About Us in the upper right for more information and meeting times.

The Forum - Discussion and Message Board is where we meet between our meetings. The Forum is used to discuss (post) items of interest, ask and answer questions, post want ads, minutes of our meetings as well as content from the informational presentations.

Anyone can read the information in the Forum. To post information to the Forum you must register there.  After the Forum registration is validated you will be allowed to post directly to any of the subject areas.  To register in the Forum:

  1. In the left hand area of this page click Forum - Discussion and Message Board
  2. Now in the Forum, in the upper right click Register.  Do just that.  Enter the information requested.  At the bottom is a security question.  Just answer the question!
  3. Then, you should be registered.  Next time you are asked you can just Login (without the need to register again)
  4. Suggestion: To automatically receive an e-mail notification if something has been posted... at the bottom left of each category you are interested in click Subscribe forum.